Best Lawyer in Jalandhar

Lovkesh Gupta, the Best Lawyer in Jalandhar, has been practicing and handling cases as a Lawyer for many years in District Courts Jalandhar and deals in both civil and criminal cases. As an Expert, he solves all the complexities of the case with his wealth of experienced backed with higher qualification. Our Main goal is to provide justice to our clients with our hard work and dedication.

The Legal Services we provide are –

  • Criminal Matters – Accused of Criminal offence! Our Offence and defence lawyer handle all cases of crime such as assault, domestic dispute, Kidnapping, burglary, Murder, Drug cases, rape, manslaughter, and robbery. If you disobey Law and order, you will get Punishment and Penalty. To prevent this, hire us and we will take all your tension.
  • Divorce and Matrimonial Cases – Decided to separate from your life partner! Know your divorce rights such as the divination of Money and property, Child Custody, and divorce approach. We provide the advice and assistant for you for Divorce and matrimonial matters.
  • Court Marriage and Registration of marriage – We Expertise in Court marriage and Registration of Marriage. if you are eligible for marriage, age limit for boy is 21 years and for girls 18 years, you can register your marriage.
  • Domestic Violence and Dowry cases – If you are facing domestic violence, your in-laws are demanding Dowry and torture you mentally or physically, you can complaint against them. Call us and get legal advice to get rid of this unfortunate situation.
  • Cheque Bounce Matters – In case of Cheque bounce, known as dishonor of cheque, matters, we provide valuable guide and systematic legal approach of Demand Notice, Drafting of complaint, and Court Process of documenting a case.
  • Civil and Property Matters– Portable or steady property issues, we File or defend all property matters under Civil law. If you want to transfer your property as a sale or gift, solve disputes of property among family or illegitimate possession of property, we are here to handle cases with our result oriented approach.
  • Bail Applications – Wrongly accused of a Crime and want bail! We at Advocate Jalandhar are providing legal solutions of Anticipatory Bail, and Regular Bail. We handle both Bail able and non bail able criminal cases.
  • Custody and Guardianship Cases – Going to divorce and Want Custody of Minor Child! You can claim Custody of your child or Guardianship of your near and dear one child. Know that if you are illegible to do that, get consultation from us.
  • Passport and Immigration Cases – We deal with all Passport and immigration cases at Advocate Jalandhar.
  • High Court Matters – We leave no stone unturned and fight in Hon’ble High court for you to win.


Advocate Lovkesh Gupta, Best Lawyer in Jalandhar, handle all cases with ease and charge reasonable prices. We also handle business cases, disputes between Partner Company, disputes within a company, credit or debit card fraud, case related to drink and drive, careless driving, hit and run cases and so on. Our Defence/offence Advocate in Jalandhar leaves no stone unturned while handling a case.