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Presentation: WHAT IS A CHEQUE?

A Cheque is a bill of trade drawn upon a predefined investor and not to be communicated to be payable generally than on request. The accompanying are the basic attributes of a cheque:

  • It must be in composing
  • It must be an unlimited request
  • Financier must be determined
  • Installment ought to be coordinated to a predetermined individual
  • It ought to be payable on request
  • It ought to be for a particular some of cash
  • Ought to have the mark of the drawer


A cheque is said to be shamed or skipped, when it is displayed for installment to a bank yet it isn’t paid due to some reason or the other – Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Jalandhar.

The accompanying can be the purposes behind skipping of a cheque in India:

  • Mark isn’t coordinating
  • There is overwriting in the cheque
  • Cheque was displayed after slip by of three months, i.e. after the cheque has lapsed
  • Record was shut
  • Deficient subsidizes in the record
  • Installment ceased by the record holder
  • Opening equalization inadequate
  • Divergence in the words and figures specified on the cheque
  • On the off chance that the cheque is issued by an organization, the same does not hold up under the seal of the organization
  • Confuse in account number
  • In the event of shared service where the two marks are required, just a single sign is there
  • Passing of the client
  • Indebtedness of the client
  • Madness of the client
  • On the request of the garnishee
  • Crossed cheque
  • At the point when a cheque is issued against the principles of trust
  • Change in line
  • Uncertainty in validity of the cheque
  • Displayed at the wrong branch
  • Intersection cutoff of overdraft (OD)

Cheque skipping is a criminal offense in India, know the process by following tips and steps that will assist you as a valuable guide for instances of cheque skipping as per the arrangements of Negotiable Instruments Act:

Stage 1: Demand Notice

Once the bank has restore the cheque, i.e. the cheque has bobbed, you are required to send a letter (request see) inside 30 days of such skipping to the gathering who composed the cheque (the drawer) debilitating to start the procedures, under the Negotiable Instruments Act, in the event that the sum is not paid inside a stipulated era, for the most part 15 days.

Despite the fact that there is no endorsed design for this notice, its motivation of requesting installment and educating the guarantor that s/he will be arraigned on the off chance that installment isn’t made ought to be featured obviously. Further, confirmation of conveyance of such letter ought to be safeguarded deliberately.

Request letter can be sent by the complainant her/himself. Be that as it may, it is fitting to get the draft verified by a cheque bob legal advisor before sending it to the individual concerned.

The accompanying data ought to be expressed unmistakably request take note:

  • Proclamation that the cheque was exhibited inside its time of legitimacy.
  • Articulation of obligation or legitimately enforceable risk.
  • Data seeing disrespect of cheque as given by the bank.
  • Requesting the guarantor to pay the sum due inside 15 days of accepting such notice.
  • Send Legal Notice for Cheque Bounce


Stage 2: Drafting of Complaint:

After pass of 15 days from the date of conveyance of the request letter, if no installment has been gotten, there is a 30 day and age to document the protest before an officer.

Purview for recording the dissension: An officer in any of the spots out of the accompanying:

Where the cheque was drawn;

Where the cheque was introduced;

Where the cheque was returned by the bank;

Where the request see was served by you

The accompanying reports will be required in recording the suit:


Pledge letter; and

Photocopy of the considerable number of reports, for example, cheque, reminder, see duplicate, and affirmation receipts.

Stage 3: Court Process for documenting a case

Update of Advocate is fundamental at the phase of recording a suit alongside marks of the complainant. After case is record by complainant in court, all archives are cross checked by Judicial Magistrate First Class, so unique reports, for example:

  • Unique cheque (bobbed)
  • Unique update
  • Duplicate of notice
  • Receipt of mail station
  • Receipt of U.P.C.
  • Affirmation receipt

These all are required at the season of cross checking.

The time of impediment is additionally checked at this stage.

The Process Form is recorded by the complainant or legal counselor, alongside address of denounced.

The court at that point issues a summons to blame for appearance in court on particular date.

In the event that Accused does not show up in court on the date of hearing, the court issues a bail able warrant on the demand of the complainant.

If the blamed person still does not show up under the steady gaze of the court, the court may issue a non-bail able warrant of capture.

Essential TIPS:

  • A postponement in documenting the grumbling after the slip by of 30 days might be pardoned by the judge just in extraordinary conditions.
  • Shame of a cheque because of stop installment is likewise secured under Section 138 of the NI Act.
  • Introduction of the cheque at the demand of the drawer after the request see has been sent will and ensuing disrespect of the cheque won’t imply that the drawer’s chance point of confinement under the notice has expanded.
  • A cheque issued as a blessing/gift/some other commitment, won’t be secured under Section 138 of the Act. For this segment to apply, the cheque needs to convey a lawful commitment.
  • A cheque lapses following three months.

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