Court Marriage is performed by many steps and filling of documents.  The first step is making a correct and hard decision to get ready for the court marriage.

The court marriage is not influenced by the different religions of the gatherings to marriage.  you can get advice from our expert lawyer, who have an experienced mind to solve out your problems related t the court marriage, also for filling the submit documents for marriage and for performing your marriage by the steps of court marriage. Advocate Lovkesh is an advocate ,who deals in court marriage,Love marriage,Marriage Registration cases. Advocate Lovkesh is an court marriage advocate and he is best Court marriage Lawyer. Marriage can be register in one day.

Court marriage procedure in Punjab

The process of court marriage works on different stages. There is a no condition for the marriage couple belongs from the same religion or different religion. No matter if both the couple are from different religion, there must be a no effect to the court. A couple for court marriage can consult with court marriage lawyer in Jalandhar.

Eligibility for the court marriage
  • Eligibility of the both bride and groom must be considered before the marriage.
  • A couple to marriage should not a living relationship with other partner at the time of marriage.
  • Agreement for the marriage must be assured from both the parties.
  • Both the gatherings to the marriage are of trustworthy.
  • The Age limit for a girl must not be less than 18 years and for boys to get married must be at least of 21 years.