The marriageable age of the girl is 18 years and the marriageable age of the boy is 21 years. The said couple can performed their marriage as per law. The marriage can be performed without the consent of the parents. The declaration given below the court marriage document must be signed by the bride, the groom and by the  witnesses in the presence of marriage officer. Advocate Lovkesh is an advocate ,who deals in court marriage,Love marriage,Marriage Registration cases. Advocate Lovkesh is an court marriage advocate and he is best Court marriage Lawyer. Marriage can be register in one day.

Conditions for the bride and groom for the court marriage
  • No any other living relationship at the time of marriage.
  • Both must be of sound minded.
  • They should not have a mental disorder which can be unfit for the marriage or for future life (sexual), having children’s.
  • They must not suffer from irrationality.
  • The age limit for a bride should not be less than 18 years and groom at least 21 years.
Documents to be filed for court marriage
  • Document paper must be filled by both the parties.
  • Court marriage Receipt payment of fee.
  • For groom and bride separate affidavits are must, for date of birth, marital status, and a relation between both the parties.
  • Two photographs of groom and bride are must.
  • Original proof of date of birth.
  • Both the parties must have constant mind for court marriage.