Any two parties from different gender belong to different religion or same religion can be able to marry .

Marriage is valid only when it is under the accordance of Law , the presence of witnesses also required for the registration of marriage.. A couple can be capable for doing a marriage in any form.

Authority of Court marriage
Court marriage is not like an ordinary marriages, hence it is not celebrated between relatives and friends in an expensive way. There are so many advantages of court marriage.
  • Both the Parties are free to celebrate their marriage in any form they want, in a Christian style wedding, Sikh style lawan phere or any type they choose to.
  • It is simple and not expensive in budget.
  • The wedded couple doesn’t need to reapply to the marriage officer for enlistment of the marriage. It is a piece of the procedure of court marriage.
  • The marriage declaration got at the finish of the court marriage is convincing verification of the marriage between the gatherings and there is no need to demonstrate it generally by confirm.

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