Court marriage can be performed . It can be done between a foreigner or an Indian or both from same motherland but of different religion. It is performed after the ceremonies of marriage and couple can apply to the marriage registrar for the registration of marriage and grant of marriage certificate.

Requirements for court marriage
  • Form of Application with the authorize fee.
  • Two passport size photos of the marriage couple.
  • Identification and age proofs along with witnesses and their ID’s.
 Eligibility for court marriage
  • It is compulsory that one party should be from India.
  • The limit is must for both the marriage couple; girl should be of 18 years and boys age limit is at least 21 years.
  • Application form should be signed by both the parties.
  • Photocopy of passport of both parties with valid visa, if foreigner.
  • Residential proof of both parties.
  • Every document form is verified properly by the office marriage registrar.
  • Marriage is performed only in the presence of three witnesses from both the parties.
  • Marriage certificate is granted by the marriage registrar.
  • There should be no confliction between the other country laws with the Indian law.