The Marriage registration is the lawful evidence that couple has hitched. On the off chance that you are Indian Native or NRI need to enlist your marriage, counsel us. We, best lawyers in Punjab, will give you the entire direction of the strategy of court and the archives required for your court marriage.

Marriage is a divine ceremony in Hindu/Sikhs and the marriage is an agreement in Muslim Law. Best Marriage Enlistment Legal counsellor in Punjab, Get lawful guidance from Promoter Lovkesh.

The age of the male for the marriage is 21 years and the 18 years old is for the young female. There is unique system for the enlistment of Marriage or Court Marriage.

Any two people (of various sexual orientations) having a place with a similar religion or diverse religions can wed through a court marriage.

Requirements for the Court Marriage
  • Document form in a proper format with an authorize fee.
  • Both the parties photographs of passport size.
  • Identification and age proof’s.
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