Court marriage is not a very big issue in today’s world, lover or any two person who wants their marriage simple and inexpensive or a reason for inter-religion/inter- caste. Not at all like ordinary marriage where various ceremonies and traditions are taken after, Court marriage is reasonably a basic strategy, performed before a marriage recorder and few witnesses.

The Special Marriage Act, 1954 has set out the idea of Court Marriage. It helps for marriage couples who are from different religion, caste, colour, creed or nationality, by method for common service. It additionally celebrates and registers a marriage, in the meantime.

Conditions required for court marriage

The Special Marriage Act, 1954 hosts start specific conditions that council need to meet before commonly entering or marking the Civil Marriage Contract, conditions to be followed are:

  • No party should have an existing or continuing valid marriage with any other person.
  • Bride age limit should be of 18years and the 21 years is must for the groom.
  • They should be rational and have a capacity to make the decision.
  • They must be not weak for the marriage or to reproduce sexually.
  • Two passport size photographs of the couple and one marriage photograph.
  • A certificate is most needed, if the marriage was performed at a religious place.

The Marriage Certificate is issued by the officer in the predetermined organization which must be marked by both the gatherings and three witnesses. It is the decisive proof of the Court Marriage.