For performing a marriage, nearness of the two gatherings is required after accommodation of archives of issuance of notice of planned marriage. The marriage officer posted a copy of the notice on the notice board of the office. Any query or any objection related the marriage is issued by any person within 30 days of issue a notice. If any objection occurs, Marriage officer shall not perform the marriage until the issue of the objection, within the 30 days of its receipt.

In a situation if marriage officer disagree to perform a marriage, any of the party may file and appeal or request within 30 days to the district court.

Documents required for court marriage
  • Application form with fee.
  • Passport size photos of the couple.
  • Residential proof of the couple.
  • Date of birth proof of the couple.
  • Identity proof and address of all the three witnesses.
  • In case of second marriage – Death certificate/ Divorce certificate.

The marriage may also be performed before the Marriage Registrar in Punjab, if one party is of foreign nationality, there is only need to submit few additional documents

  • Photocopy of passport along with valid visa.
  • Confirmation of remain in the concerned area in going before 30 days or report from the concerned SHO.
  • NOC or marital Status Authentication from the concerned government office

The marriage may be performed at the specified Marriage Office.  Both parties along with three witnesses are required to be present on the date of registration/Solemnization.