Marriages in Punjab are thought to be a great issue. Presently a days on account of modernization of the Indian culture individuals have turned out to be more open towards entomb religious and bury rank relational unions. Yet at the same time by and large individuals are not ready to win the certainty of their families and getting hitched can resemble a tough errand. In such cases court marriage is the best arrangement. Not at all like conventional marriage where various ceremonies and traditions must be taken after a court marriage is a straightforward strategy performed within the sight of marriage enlistment centre and a couple of witnesses.

The concerned couple needs to just withstand a couple of legitimate strategies alongside some narrative confirmation to get hitched in court. It is the most straightforward, prudent and legitimate approach to get attach.

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Eligibility for the court marriage.
  • At least one party should be an Indian.
  • Age limit for a male should be of 21 years and for female 18 years.
  • From both the parties there should not be any spouse living with another person.
  • Application should be signed from both the parties.
  • Date of birth certificates of both the parties, as an evidence.
  • Passport photocopy and valid visa.
  • Residential proof.

The Marriage Registration is the legal proof that couple has married. If you are Indian Citizen or NRI want to register your marriage, consult us. We, best advocates in Jalandhar, will give you the complete guidance of the procedure of court and the documents required for your court marriage.