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If you are divorced and want the custody of your child then we are here to fight your case, or you want to adopt the child of another couple who is unable to raising their child? Contact us, the Best Custody and Guardianship Advocate in Jalandhar.


 Custody is a court-ordered arrangement providing for the care of a minor child by the parents. Family Court may appoint the third party custodian to fulfill the obligation, normally handled by parents, in some necessary conditions. Parents can choose the parents for their child custody before the court awarded the custody of child to the third party. It also depends upon the child interest. Under the shared custody, law of Missouri, the child has right to frequent and meaning contact with both mother and father in most situations.


For Children, whose parents cannot take care of them anymore, court establishes the guardianship for that child. The Person appointed as guardian of child must be near or dear one and willing to serve the Ward until ward reaches 18 years of age. Sometimes, ward’s family obeys the choice of court and is sensitive enough to take care of all needs of the ward. In some cases, mentally ill or physically disabled also got guardianship from the court.

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