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If the married couple have not been living together for one or more than one years and agreed to get separate from a solemnized marriage, the court will give its approval for divorce. You can also file divorce without the contest of your life partner.


Mutual Divorce or Contested divorce, Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyer in Jalandhar is expertise in Divorce law. We handle issues of Child Custody and Matrimonial issues such as Dowry Harassment, Domestic Violence, Restitution of Conjugal rights and divorce, Void marriages and Voidable Marriages successfully with our vast experience of Divorce cases backed with our high qualification.

Know Your Divorce Rights

If you are going to file a Divorce, get counseling from our Expert Lawyer and know your rights. In Case Of child Custody, people think that usually mothers get child custody but that is not the case. You can also get joint custody of child so that you both can support your child. The Division of Moveable and unmovable property, bank accounts between you and your spouse is also your right. To know your Rights in detail, get consultation from us.

There are different divorce laws for different religions in India and there are different Acts for taking divorce in different religion. There is Hindu Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, Special Marriage Act, Foreign Marriage Act etc. Divorce can be taken by mutually or by contesting the same. There are different grounds for taking divorce. There is also provision of Judicial Separation where the spouse does not want to take divorce but wants to reside separately. There is also provision of Restitution of Conjugal rights where one of the spouses wants to rehabilitate the other spouse. Best Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyer in Jalandhar provides legal advice.

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